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Xpectraltek Main Poster Prize: Honourable Mention

Rossana Kuon standing with her poster at the IIC 2018 Turin Congress. 
Image courtesy of Rosanna Kuon.

Rosanna Kuon and her teammates (Lorice Sivira, Marcela Rosselló, and Maria Inés Velarde) were thrilled to receive an Honourable Mention for their poster at the IIC 2018 Turin Congress this past September. As generously submitted by the authors, here is a closer look at their poster:

Rosanna Kuon is a conservator and instructor of Preventive Conservation at Ricardo Palma University in Peru, awarded an Honourable Mention for the research presented with clarity and excellent design and presentation. The poster, "National Museum in Peru, Guidelines and Policies for the Relocation of Cultural Assets", describes the procedures and methodology for the transfer of archaeological objects to the new headquarters of the National Museum in Lima, currently under construction. The project was commissioned by UNESCO and included Lorice Sivira, Maria Inés Velarde and Marcela Rosselló as part of the teamwork protocol.