We will be blogging most sessions of the Turin Congress on this page - adding content from Tuesday 11 September onwards.

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Rosanna Kuon and her teammates (Lorice Sivira, Marcela Rosselló, and Maria Inés Velarde) were thrilled to receive an Honourable Mention for their poster at the IIC 2018 Turin Congress this past September. As generously submitted by the authors, here is a closer look at their poster.
Watch the whole film of our 'Point of the Matter Dialogue' at the Turin Congress, bringing together soldiers, firefighters, conservators and emergency response teams to discuss what happens to culture during war and natural disaster - and how we can improve outcomes in the future.
The last two talks of the conference discussed sustainability from quite different perspectives. What struck me about these talks was how the presenters had broadened their preservation responsibilities to include the needs of the community, the environment, the collection housing facilities, and even the care-taking organizations themselves.
“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of us all?” I was happy to reunite with Jessica Lewinsky at IIC whom I met during my internship at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (IMJ). She opened her presentation with this quote to ask if we as conservators have been too engrossed and dutiful in our privileged positions that we forget that the preservation of our cultural heritage is a shared responsibility.
Session 14 started with the two talks about the impact of the public on the environmental changes of a heritage site and the results of this interaction. Tobit Curteis talked about the number of visits having increased in the English cathedral heritage, which has impacted the buildings’ microclimates, while Erico Rinaldi spoke about the fragility and complexity of the Pompeii site plus the exponential growth of visitors that has had direct impact on the conservation and maintenance of the site. During the third talk, Patricia Moreira and Nádia SIlva explored the biotechnology for preventive conservation concerning outdoor sculptures in Portugal.






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